Toponyms are the names of some places which usually come from different stories and traditions. In our village you will find the following toponyms:

PETREDI: (derives from the word “petra” which means stone) this location got its name because of the stone made houses which were build in older times in the area. The area had not a big value as it was full of stones but nowadays it is full of houses.

TRIMMATOI (three eyes): it was believed that the area was inhabited by Cyclopes and people were afraid to go there.

SPILIOI TOU SOZOMENOU: (cave of the saved) this area got its name after an incident that took place during the Turkish occupation. Many children and women went to this area to escape from the Turks. The children cried very much and all of them were in danger. One man played with his violin a song that said “Mothers, strangle your children to save our lives”. And that’s how they managed to be saved.

DROSEINA: this area which is placed opposite the gulf of Morfou, was called like this because it had fresh air and coolness.

MONOPATIA: (pathways) it is an area which used to have many paths. The paths lead to the fields.

PISSOGIA: (it means something very tight) this area had very tight dirt.

MAZERI: this area was full of bushes (mazia) and it was not cultivated.

ALONIA: the settlement of the refugees was build here. The farmers used to thresh in the area.

MELISSIA: (apiary) this area was full of bees.

VATHIROU: in older times, the roads of the village were made of stones and were declivitous in order to help the water get into the river.

Some other toponyms of our village are: Verou, Mosilia, Konides, Lagoumia, Skoutellaris, Laxia tou Korai, Despotika, Peristeronitika and many more).